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Event Calendar

A Calendar is a system of organizing days. An Events Calendar is an organized way to show the upcoming events based on calendar dates. This also means a list of planned events for the purpose of scheduling regular activities or

Events Calendar is a carefully crafted, extensible plugin that lets Admin easily manage and share events. The list of events and dates within a year that is important to an organization or to the people involved in a particular activity can be scheduled.

Event Calendar display will show the Events and details in Calendar for Week, Month & List View set by Admin based on their preferences and can be navigated through using Scroll Bar.

Week View will show the event calendar with dates weekly.

Monthly View will show the event calendar with dates monthly.

List View will show the event calendar list of dates.

Events can be added from Header Central Events Title or from Admin Dashboard Events itself with no hassle.

Add Events from Header Central Events Title can be done upon landing on the Event page and perform the required action.

Add Events from Dashboard can be done upon clicking on the Event Section Dates and enter the details or Cancel to Undo the Action.

Delete the Added Dashboard Event simply by just selecting the date with details & Click on Delete and Confirm to do the action. Events have been deleted successfully message will be displayed.

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