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E-Wallet is a Virtual Storage Space Method which Stores Information about E-Money & plays a vital role in Managing all financial transfers of the Users, Information of Income and Expenses. They are much more Secure & Trustworthy for Money Transfer and other Business Transactions to Manage the Money flow in and out of the Business.

E-Wallet Management Menu can be available from Tool Icon on Top Right of the Header Content along with Menus of My Earnings, My Plan, My Referral Links, Withdrawal Request & Fund Transfer.

E-Wallet Management is the place where Users can apply for Credits by Typing the Amount and using the Transaction Password that has been Set in My Profile. Make Sure to Click Submit. Once approved by the Admin, the Amount will be credited to the User E-Wallet.

The amount is the sum for which the credits have to be applied to be available in E-Wallet. User should be having enough Money in E-Wallet to apply for the Credits or else take efforts to have Sufficient Funds in your Wallet & Admin Approval.

Transaction Password is the password that is required for applying for the credits as Electronic Form for security reasons and can be managed effectively under E-Wallet.

Available Balance Display should be glanced now and then from the Dashboard to keep in track of the E-Wallet remaining balance. If not enough balance available for applying for credit then make sure to have sufficient funds to be available.


Shopping Experience varies with Organization which in turn reflects for the Users too. Accessible Shopping Options may be WooCommerce Cart, Shopify Cart & more.  Once Shopify or Woo – Commerce been Integrated with the PROMLM ICON and Store Cart been Configured depending on the Business Model, it will be made available for the Users set from Admin Backoffice by Admin can be reflected to use from User Backoffice Cart Menu. Users are enabled to do their shopping or getting into their Shop Account either from the Backoffice or from Website.

View the Products that are made available for User/ Distributor may be Physical or Digital or Both that have been added only from Admin Backoffice by Admin. Products can be filtered & Viewed based on the Filters like Multi-Range, Slider, Category, Brand, Rating. Based on the Options made, Products will be displayed in that format accordingly.

Cart Icon Menu consists of My Shop Account, Woo Products & Shop Replicate Site seen at the Top Right Header in User Backoffice.

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