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E – Store is one of the module of the Header Central or Bottom Content which can be accessed from Admin Backoffice by Admin.

E – Store Menu have E – Products & Order History based on the E – Commerce platform that have been integrated with your business.

E – Products

E – Products of E – Store will display the Physical Products of the Store from either Woo Commerce or Shopify which are reflected in the User Side. Admin can also add the Physical Products from Admin Backoffice. First you need to Configure your Store. Afterwards you will be able to Add Products by filling in Title, Category, Content, Short Description of the Product, Regular Price, Upload Image file by browsing your Computer & proceed as it prompts which can then be shown for the User Shopping Experience in User Side. This will be very helpful & effective for the Business.

View Products

Products that have been added under Physical Products of the Store can be viewed from Admin Backoffice with Product Name, Image, PV, Type, Status, Price & Action based on the business plan and configuration. Search option is available to make any findings.

Product Name shows name given for added physical product.

Image is the uploaded image added corresponding to that product.

PV is the  Point  Value added for that product.

Type shows the product type l under which the product been added.

Status shows that if the product is active or suspend. It will display to the User only when shows active.

Price gives the value of the product for which the user can buy that from the website of backoffice.

Action shows 2 icons one for edit & other for delete. Based on that, the action will take place.

Edit enables to makes changes for that product.

Delete Products enables to delete the added product.

Order History

You can View the complete history of the Orders that have been placed in the Organization either directly by the user or manually by Admin from Backoffice under Order History with details like Order, Date, Product Name, Order Quantity, Purchase Total, Status & View Order under Action. Search is available and can Flip through Pages using < >. Clicking on Print will help you with the hard copy of the Order History.

Customer Name gives the distributor name who have placed the order.

Order Details gives the Order No or ID for the ordered product.

Date shows the date on which the product been ordered.

Product Name gives the name or category of the ordered product.

Order Quantity shows the number of ordered product.

Purchase Total shows the Total Purchase Amount for the ordered product.

Order History Action shows the Option to View Order.

Order History can be Generated & Exported using the available Options like Print, Copy, PDF, Excel, CSV.

Export Order History can be done upon selecting the Export Option. Based on the Order Status from the drop down menu like Pending, Processing, Completed, Cancelled & Refunded Orders.

Cancel the Export will undo the Export Action.

Excel Format gives the Exported Order History in Excel Format View for  the Admin by choosing the File Name & File Format from drop down menu, Cell Auto Width either On or Off with Export selected.

Status shows the progress for the created order like Pending, Processing, Completed, Cancelled or Refunded.

Under Date – From & To Choose Dates from the Calendar provided.

Search can be done for status, date of the Order History based on the User Selection and Reset if required.

View Order under Action selection gives the User Order Details & Can have hard copy  of the Order by clicking on Print. Also Manually update the Order Status. This View Order enables the Admin to have a detailed understanding of the User Ordered Product & update the order status.

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