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Our PROMLM ICON Software can manage your entire business with our unique feature of E – Pin Configuration & Management. E – PIN Tool is used to generating E – Pin /Coupon Code for any Package or Purchases & can be given this Privileges to any Customers by Admin based on the Business Plan & Requirements.

E – Pin is the Place where you can Manage the E – Pins from the Display of Used & Unused E – Pins with various details based on the Set up from Admin E – Pin. Details of How to generate E – Pin and User/My  E – Pin can be comprehended under this E – Pin.

E-Pin Highlights

E- Pin Features comprises of Configuration, Generate E – Pin, View E – Pin Request, Send E – Pin,   E – Pin History, Generate Bulk E – Pin, Delete E – Pin, Trace E- Pin, E – Pin Manager, Purchase E -Pin, Registration using E – Pin, Package Purchase with E – Pin, Used & Unused E – Pin Details, Color Coded E – Pin Status, Easy Viewing at a glance & Multiple ways of Transactions.

E – Pin Amount cannot be exceeded than the Maximum Amount that been set under E – Pin Configuration by Admin. So Users cannot use the E – PIN more than the value set, if not enough Current Balance to generate E – Pin it will be shown as Insufficient Balance. E – PIN value has to be set again by Admin & Approved to make available for the Users to avail again after insufficient funds. For that, the User has to request the Admin with sufficient balance for setting the E – PIN Value.

Always leftover balance after the E – PIN usage will be shown to the User to make note of their available funds & decide accordingly. As long as the Users have sufficient balance, they can keep using E – PIN.  Based on the Count, the Amount will be repopulated for the usage & shown under Unused E – Pin Detail.

E – PIN can be utilized effectively by the Users within that allowed limitations and those usage details with E – Pin, Amount, Type, Created Date, Status will be updated in the Admin Backoffice under E – PIN Management, so that always Admin can keep in track of the E – PIN usage made by the Users and channel it properly if needed in an efficient way.

Generate E-Pin

Generate E – Pin is the place where users can make use of the E – Pin that has been sent by Admin from Admin Backoffice under Send E – Pin in E – Pin Module if it’s included in Business Plan for various usages by using this Generate E – PIN.

E – Pin Privileges given by Admin will show the E – Pin Type, Amount, Memo in User Side and can be available for the user to be used Accordingly.

E – Pin Type which can be set by the Admin for the User to Use with the E- Pin for like Registration Process, Plans, Packages & more & can be generated accordingly.

 Amount gives the total cash value that is available for the User to Use with the E- Pin that has been set by the Admin.

The memo is the description of why the E – Pin Privilege been given to the user like a bonus, so on.

Generate E – Pin by completing the Details of Wallet Type, E – Pin Type, Prepopulated Current Balance, Amount, Count, Transaction Password and Submit to enable the E – Pin. After generating E – Pin with the available balance Amount, it will show the leftover balance for further usage. Users can keep Using it to generate E – Pin as long as sufficient Balance is available.

Wallet Type is either Cash or Electronic where the User wants their generated  E – Pin to be used with.

Current Balances that is available to be used will be Prepopulated for the user to use in generating E – Pin. If not enough Current Balance to generate E – Pin then it shows as Insufficient Balance in Red Block Code.

After Admin Approval of Sufficient Balance, E – Pin can be Generated.

E – Pin Type shows either Cash or Electronic based on the Admin Privilege given to the user & can be chosen from the drop down menu.

The count is the number of E – Pin between 0 & 100 to be generated by the User for their usage.

The amount will be populated for the Usage-based on the Count mentioned in the corresponding field & within the limits set by the Admin.

Transaction Password is the password that has to be set up under  My Profile Account which is required or mandatory for any transactions to happen within the Organization by the User.

User E-Pins

User E – Pins will be displayed separately for Used & Unused Details of E – Pin with Generated Code, Amount, Type, Used by, Created on & Used on along with default functionalities like Search, Show Entries, <>.

Generated Code is the automatic random code generated with the Characters by the user while generating E – Pin for the preferred purpose under Used or Unused E – Pin details.

The amount will the show the cash value of the E – Pin that has been generated by the User under Used or Unused E – Pin details.

The type which E – Pin has been generated for like Registration Process, Plans, Packages & more will be shown under Used or Unused E – Pin details.

 Used by will show the Date and Time till which the generated E – Pin can be used under Used E – Pin details..

Created on with Date and Time on which the E – Pin been generated under Used or Unused E – Pin details.

Used on will show the date on which the generated E – Pin with that code has been used with under Used E – Pin details.

The status shows as Active/Suspend for both the Used & Unused E – Pin based on the Organization Plans & Requirements.

Details of Unused E – Pins can also be viewed with the details like E – Pin Code, Amount, Type, Created On and make use of it when required. Unused E – Pin have to be used before the Expiry or Use by date so ensure to utilize the unused E – Pin at the right time. On the other hand, if you run out of E – Pins, you can make effort to get the Sufficient Balance with Admin Approval.

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