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E-Pin System

PROMLM ICON Software can manage your entire Business comprising Comprehensive aspect of an ideal Software especially with our unique feature of E – Pin Configuration & Management.

E-Pin, Electronic Pin or e-voucher is a prepaid voucher or code payment method designed to secure the MLM business transactions between members and companies.

E – Pin Tool is used to generate E – Pin or Coupon Code for any Package Purchased or any other Purchases within the Organization from Admin Backoffice E – Pin Header Title & can be given this privileges to any Customers of Admin or Management Choice.

E – Pin Benefits are Unlimited number of E – Pin using e-pin code generator can be generated, reporting system, effective monitoring of every single E-Pin process, secure, versatile transaction & bringing in more members through secured e-pin & revenue to the Organization.

Key Features of PROMLM ICON E – Pin includes Generate E – Pin, View E – Pin Request, Send E – Pin, E – Pin History, Generate Bulk E – Pin, Delete E – Pin, Trace E- Pin, E – Pin Manager, Purchase E -Pin, Registration using E – Pin, Package Purchase with E – Pin, Used & Unused E – Pin Details, Color Coded E – Pin Status & Easy Viewing at a glance.

E – Pin Menu includes Send E – Pin &  E – Pin Management.


It is very simple and easy to Send E – Pin from Admin Backoffice. Just need to complete the Details of UserName, Count, E – Pin Type, Amount, Memo & Submit to implement this action of Send E-Pin or Cancel to undo the action.

Username is the username used by User during Registration Process for whom Admin have chosen to send E – PIN. This can be chosen from the available drop down Menu based on the Registered Users.

Count is the number of E – Pin that Admin wanted to send for the Privileged Users to be completed. This can be done by typing the desired number of Count for the usage.

Amount is the value of E – Pin for the Count chosen from the available drop down Menu Selection or type the amount based on business plan.

E – Pin Type is the type which you would like to use the E- Pin with like registration, plan, package, so on.

Memo or Memorandum is a written message or short official note that may be used to remember something or to remind another person of something within the organization.  Memo is used to describe the reason for sending E – Pin.

Upon Submit after completing all the fields, E- Pin will be set for that particular user to whom the E- Pin privileges intend to be given.


E  – PIN Management is the place where the details of E -PIN sent can be viewed and acted upon. Admin can check the details about E-pin like who used that, when it is used and Gather all the details about E-Pin Management from this Tool.

E – Pin created details under Send E – Pin will be displayed here. Once E – Pin Successfully Crested Message displayed then it will be shown under E-Pin Management Details.


E-Pin Management Details with Members Username, Generated Code, Amount, Type, Date, Status, Used Date & Used By. Status will show if the E – Pin has been Used or Unused in Color Codes which is of very useful for Viewing at a glance.


Username is the name given in this field by the user  during Registration Process for whom the Admin had sent E – PIN.


Members Username Selection will lead to the Members Detail Page under Header Team Title in Admin Backoffice and can know about that Distributor in detail.


Generated Code is the E -PIN code or character generated & sent by the Admin with the value for that username.


E- Pin Amount is the value of money of that E -PIN sent by Admin for that username.

E- Pin Type gives the type for which the E- Pin has been created to be used with for the privileged User or Distributor.


Date on  which the generated and sent E -PIN been available for the Username with that Amount.


Status will show if that generated code for that user E-Pin have been used or unused. Color coded status is of very useful to view at a glance from created E – Pin Detail.


Used E- Pin  will be displayed in Green Colour.


Unused E- Pin  will be displayed in red or pink Colour.


Used Date is the date on which the sent E-Pin been used by the user.


Used By Date is the Expiry Date that the user has to utilise that sent E -Pin before that date. If they exceed the expiry or used by date then they have missed that opportunity of using the E-Pin and E – Pin privilege will no more available for the User or Distributor.


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