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Users can find the Uploaded Tutorial or Lessons under Courses in Video or PDF Format either as Free or Paid under Premium or E-Learning. The admin who is responsible for managing the Organization Website can upload the coaching material from Admin Backoffice based on the Business Requirement either in PDF or Video which has to be reflected for the User. Learning Material may be some Tutorials, Paramount Network Informations, or whatever it may be that the Organization provides the Users. Search & < > Options are also available.

E-Learning Course with Lesson Title, Lesson Description, Status, Lesson Material, Video, Audio, PDF, Duration, Amount from the User Backoffice after Payment if required. Course Materials based on the Rank/ Package/ Plan will be displayed using Lesson Details just clicking on start based on user preference/ desire subject without any hassle.

Course Name gives the User the Name of the Course to View. Based on the User requirement or interest, they can choose the Course and proceed further to view the lesson or the details under that Topic.

View the Lesson can be seen upon selecting the View the Lesson Icon under Action in Premium or E-Learning Page. View the Lesson has the available detailed Lessons or Sub Topics with the details of Lesson Title, Status either Active or Suspend, Amount, Video/Audio depends on the Format that has been uploaded from Admin Backoffice.

Lesson Title will be the Title or Topic for that Subject under the Course. This may vary based on the Organization Requirement. Choosing the desired Lesson Title or Chapters will show the details of Lesson Name, Description, Video Duration for Lesson Video if any, Lesson Image.

Status shows the availability of that Lesson or Topic under Course to the User set by the Admin. Users can avail of it if it shows Active or make effort to get it Active.

Edit Lesson Clicking on Edit Lesson Icon under Action from Lesson Page will take you to the Edit & Click on Cancel to Suspend the Lesson. Edit Option can be accessible for the Admin from Admin Backoffice if required to make any amendments in accordance with the user need or suspend if no longer needed by the User. Once suspended it won’t be available for the User from User Backoffice

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