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E-Commerce Platform

PROMLM ICON Software manages every function of your business more effectively by providing with options to use either with established market leaders like Shopify or Woo-commerce to create new level of scalability for MLM Business and a higher level of confidence from the consumers shopping on websites.

Website Shopping Cart will be based on E – Commerce Platform been integrated with ICON Edition chosen by your Organization depending on Plan & Requirements. Woo Commerce, Shopify Integrations, Magento Integrations are some of the available options for E – Commerce.

Admin chosen by your Organization can manage to Add the Products with the Details of Shop Product, View, Place Order, Shipment, Attributes, Gift Code, Discount Coupon and many more from Admin Backoffice which can be reflected in the Website User Side satisfying your Customers’ Experience & Business Requirement.

Shopping Prospect

Your Business Products or Services can be accessed by the people who browse around your site of all the User Type either Distributors or Customers. Prospect of Shopping can be done either from the Website Front End or User Backoffice with ease.

Based on the E Commerce Platform chosen for your Business & been integrated, Shopping Cart will be available accordingly and User can access the corresponding Shop Account with Login Credentials of Username, Email, Password. Once logged in , user can browse the site, do the shopping, order & make payment without any hassle. Alternatively, Registered Users either as Distributors or Customers can browse the shop products, order and make payment from User Backoffice with ease.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart available with ICON Edition for all type of users based on their E commerce Platform Integration. Will detail some intrinsic qualities for your understanding. Shop Title Selection from the Website will take the User to browse around your added shop products from Admin Backoffice with image, category, description, price and many more.

To Add & View Cart

User after browsing the Website Shop around , if interested to buy the product, they can do so by two ways. User chosen Product can be added to the Cart by Clicking on Add to Cart. Alternatively, User can add the product to the cart by Clicking on the Product Image which show the Individual Product with more details, upon completing the quantity & Add to Cart. Product added to the Cart can be seen from View Cart which takes to Shopping Cart upon Clicking.

Check Out

Shopping Cart will show all the items or products added so far while shopping around the website shop. Add Gift Coupon & Update the Cart anytime before Proceed to Checkout. Once the user decided to purchase the products in the cart, select Proceed to Check Out. Proceed to Checkout display the fields that are to be completed by the User like Billing Address, Shipping Details, Payment Mode, Order Notes, Enter Coupon Code or can also be added if not done yet by clicking on the corresponding link.

Place Order

Once completing all the checkout details, verified and sure of proceeding with the order placement, User can select Place Order. Order Process will be completed and user will be displayed the Order Received Page with their Order Details. User will receive the Order Detailed Confirmation Email Notification set to be sent for them by the Admin which can be Customised based on your Organization Requirement. User can also take a screenshot of their Order Detail Page.

Conclusion Of Front End

With PROMLM ICON, Users’ Entire Registration & Shopping Experience been made Straightforward, Simple & Stress-free from the comfort of their place. This brings in more Distributors and Customers adding more value to your Business and its Exponential Growth.

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