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Comprehensive Report

The report is the Phenomenon providing Collection of fundamental information of the Users in the Organization with a complete and concise Report Module detailing the Financial Business Transactions, Money Withdrawn, E-Wallet, Usage of Gift Card, PV, Order Purchased, Members Enrolled in the position of Uplines & Downlines based on Business Plan.

PROMLM ICON User Backoffice built-in with many Default Functionalities for assisting the Users in browsing around the Modules and utilizing the available tools effectively.

Home Icon leads to the Dashboard Page upon Clicking on it from any Report page.

Search Option can be used to Search the required Module Details From & To Dates can be chosen from the Calendar & & can use Reset to undo the action.

Flipping through Pages can be done using < > in the Report Module.
Display Entries can be used in viewing the Report.

Print/Copy/CSV enables the user to generate the Report in CSV form, Copy & use Print to have a hard copy of the Report.

Comprehensive Report Menu for the User including Transaction History Report, E-Wallet History, Gift Card History, Cash Wallet History, Withdrawal History, PV, Upline, Product Order Report, Package History, Downline Sales Report, Autoship History & Downline Distributor.

Transaction History Report

Transaction History Report combines all the Transactions of the Users in One Comprehensive Summary with Date, Description, Both Cash & E-Wallet Type, Amount and Status either completed or pending & enabling to filter by Date, Type, Amount or Status.

Data enable the user to know when each transaction been made and can also derive a report based on date selection.

Description detail how & what for the transactions been made by the users in the Network.
Wallet Type shows whether the transaction is for the user using cash or electronic wallet in the Network.

The amount is the cash value for which the transactions been done in the Network by the User under the shown wallet type.

The status enables to know if the transactions been completed or pending.

E-Wallet History Report

User E-Wallet Activities that have happened in the Organization detailed with Date & Time, Description & Amount in this E-Wallet History Report.

Date & Time is the Date & Time on which that particular E-Wallet Activity happened related to the User.

The description is the detailed explanation for that specific E-Wallet activity of the User. This will be very useful for the User to get in the knowledge of their entire E-Wallet Transactions and keep watchful of their available funds & can act accordingly if needed any further top-ups for any purchase or so.

The amount is the Total Value of the E-Wallet for that activity mentioned in the description related to that user.

Cash Wallet History Report

User Cash Wallet Activities that have happened in the Organisation details with all the Cash Transactions made with Dates, Time, Description & Amount in the Cash Wallet History Report.

Date & Time enables the user to view on which Date & Time that Cash Wallet activity has happened.

The description provides an elaborate detail of the Cash Wallet Transaction that has been done already. This will be of very useful for the User to comprehend their complete Cash Transactions and keep track of their funds. If require any additional funds to top up their Cash Wallet in case of running low of their actual fund to make available for other business transactions can be acted upon at the right time.

The amount is the sum of the Cash in the Wallet for that description.

Withdrawl History Report

Detailed Information of all Withdrawals including Cash and E-Wallet with Date, Time, Description, Amount & Paid or Pending under Status regarding the Withdrawals done by the User can be viewed in Withdrawal History Report. This can be very informative for the user to evaluate their available funds for other business activity & act wisely as and when required. On the Otherhand, user can check all their withdrawals for their authenticity.

Date & Time is the Withdrawal Date and Time on which the withdrawal transaction happened related to that user.

The description gives a comprehensive explanation of the Withdrawals that have been made by the User.

The amount is the Sum withdrawn by the User.

Status shows if that money withdrawn is pending or paid & proceed further accordingly. After the Withdrawal request made by the User, it has to be approved by the Admin if that amount can be withdrawn done for that particular User if that amount they requested is within the limit and check for another authenticity. Once it’s been approved, then the request been accepted to be paid as per the User’s need & the Status will be changed from Pending to Paid.

PV Report

PV is Personal Volume or Point Value or Volume based on the Organization & it is the Commissionable value of the Products that are sold in a Calendar Month by the Organization to all User Types of Distributors in Uplines, Downlines & Customers. PV, Date with Time & Description are the details displayed in PV Report.

PV shows how much personal volume earned by the User.

Date & Time is the Date & Time on which that PV been earned by the User.

The description gives the explanation of the PV earned for the Users to understand the purchase detail for that PV credibility & can make further buying to increase the PV.

Downline Distributor Report

Users have detailed information of their downlines shop sales with Distributor Name for those who have joined under them in the Organization under Downline Distributor Report. Use the Search to look for the Downline Sales within Specific Dates From & To by choosing from the available Calendar, View the Sales Report & Reset the Search Action & View other Downline Sales Report of your choice. You can Select the Network / Plan Types that are available based on your Compensation Plan Configuration.

Distributor Name is the Name of the Distributor who joined under the User in the Network. This is the Downline Distributor of the User. The user name can be chosen from the drop-down menu and the total sales amount for that user can be displayed using search.

Email gives the Email address of the User’s Downline Distributors & can be used for any communications between the User & Downline Distributors.

Date of Join provides the Date on which that Downline Distributor joined the User Network.

The amount shows the sales total cash value for that corresponding user.

Product Order Report

Product Order Details shows the history of the products purchased by the Users/ Distributors with details like Product Orders that have been made with Date, Order ID, Purchased, Status, Total, Payment Method & Tools under Action.

Using the Search option can filter the Order Report within Specific Dates From and To.

Use Print/Copy/CSV & can Reset to undo the action.

Order Status consists of Pending Orders, Processing Orders, Completed Orders, Cancelled Orders, & Refunded Orders. Once the Product been Ordered it will show the Status as Processing/ Pending till the Admin Approval & will change accordingly afterward.
Processing Order Status displayed under Order Details under Order Status of the Order History of the ordered product means that the order made has not been approved by the Admin yet. Once approved by the Admin from Admin Backoffice, the status will be changed based on that situation.

Order Cancellation can be done by using the Order Cancellation Option if the user decided to cancel the order. Once accept the Confirmation., the order will be canceled and the Order Status will be changed to Cancelled.

View Product Order is under Action of the Order History. If the user wanted to view the Product that has been Ordered already, first need to select the Ordered Product by the Status.

Using View Icon under Action can lead to the Order Detail Page from where you can see the Order ID, Billing & Shipping Details, Item Details with Item, Cost, Quantity & Total. Close the Page at any time after Viewing the Details.

Order ID is the ID generated for that Order inorder to identify the product by the user.

A billing address is an address associated with a Users Card account that details where to send billing information provided by the user for that product order seen in the product order history report.

Shipping Address refers to the address where you wish to get your items delivered completed by the user for that product ordered shown in the product order history report.

Item Details shows the description of the product ordered shown in the product order report history.

Cost shows the value of the product ordered shown in the product order report history.

Quantity shows the number of items of the product ordered shown in product order report history.

Totally gives the sum of the money for the product ordered shown in the product order report history.
Order Detail Page will be seen from View Order selection with details of Distributor Name, Order Date with Time, Billing & Shipping Address, Phone Number, Payment Through which Payment Gateways been made for that product, Order Status, Order Track ID, & added Notes.

View Order List shows the details of Product Name, Price, Quantity, Shipping, Discount, Sub Total, Total Amount & Amount Paid.

View Order Status will show the details like Product Name & Order Status. Order Cancellation Option can be seen at the Top Right Corner.

Package History Report

Package History Report provides you with the Details of Packages Purchased with Date, Plan, Package Name, Amount, Status with Paid or Pending, Action with Search & Reset, Current Package either Yes or No, Expiry Date also will be shown depends on the Package.

Using Search Option can filter the Package History Report within Specific Dates From and To and can be generated using Print/Copy/Excel/PDF/ CSV Or Reset to undo the Action.

The date on which the package been purchased by the user will be seen under the package history report.

The plan shows the plan detail of the user under which they joined the Network.

Package Name gives the name of the package under which the user joined the Network. Or the upgraded package name of the user.

The amount shows the value of the package under which they joined into the Network.

Status shows the current situation of the purchased package by the user either paid or pending.

Expiry Date shows the date from which the package won’t be available for the user based on the plan.

The current Package shows the package information if it is yes or no. so that the user’s present package detail can be found out.

Autoship History Report

Autoship history displays the Details of Autoship History like Title, Autoship Period, Quantity, Created On Date, Next Autoship On, Delete under Action along with other default functionalities of the Report like Search & Show Entries will be seen.

Title shows the Product Name for which the Autoship been set up by the User in the Network.

Autoship Period shows the detail of the months or weekly period for which the Autoship been set up for the User.

Quantity gives the count of the product which has been set under Autoship for the user.

Created on Date shows the date on which the Autoship been set up.

Next Autoship on shows the Date on which the Next Autoship to be due has been set for the user.

Delete Icon under Action enable the user to remove the Autoship that has been set for the Product Title.

Party Report

You can View the Party Reports with details like Party ID, Party Coupon, Customer Name, Date & Status either Active or Closed. Default Features like Search also available.

Party ID is the ID generated for that particular Party for the User.

Party Coupon shows the coupon details of that party for the user.

Customer Name gives the Name of the member who has been invited to the party by the user.

The date on which the party will be hosted will be shown.

Status gives the current condition of the party as Active or Closed.

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