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Browsing Around Backoffice

As soon as you land on the Admin Backoffice with the Login Credentials, will see the Page Layout as explained. Backoffice landing page comprises many Modules and Tools, which can be used well for its desired purpose in order to manage the Business effectively. The main objective is to provide sketchy info of the Admin Backoffice Tool Usage at a glance for its efficiency.

Icons and Menus

You can see many informative Icons all over the Pages here and there from Top to Bottom, Left to Right & Menus. The top Header and the Bottom Footer remain Intact for all the Pages and the Main Content shown based on the Menu Selection which can be scrolled up and down using the Side Scroll Bar. Top Header contains the Title with Menus which upon Selection provides you with the necessary information based on your Selection choice.

Home Icon can take you to the Dashboard anytime from any page.

Bottom Icon enables Quick and easy access to page Top from page bottom using yellow Square Arrow.

Footer Content has the Company Logo & Copyright details at the left & Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Cookies Policy at the right which can be done under Settings based on Business Requirement.

Header Content can be divided into 3 sections for the ease of our understanding. They are Top Left, Top Right & Bottom/Center Sections respectively.

Header top left

Top Left Content has the Company Logo and Help Centre. Upon selecting the Help Centre will show the User Manual Menu & Live Support.

User Manual will take you to the Manual which helps in assisting the Software Navigation,

Live Support will lead you to the Support where you can raise your queries and get them solved.

Header top right

Top Right consists of Series of Icons for Search, Settings, Quick Actions/ Shortcuts, New Notifications, Multilingual Options & Admin Image. Upon Clicking on each Icon will lead you to their respective Menu & its Functionalities.

Magnifying Icon is used for the Search leads to the Search UserName box where you can type the UserName and do the Search. Upon Clicking, X will cancel the Search. Thus Search enables you to find out the members by typing their UserName.

Setting Icon displays the Menu thereby enabling you to update the Site Settings, API Configuration Settings, Security Settings & Integrations Settings.

Quick Actions/ Shortcuts Menu includes Admin Earnings, Console which is Site Settings, Configurations, newly added User/Member along with Shortcut Menu such as Accounting, Administration, Plans & Customer which Upon selecting provides respective information.

New Notifications Icon displays the Notification Details like New Tickets Received with the View Option.

View New Tickets takes you to the Ticket Centre from where you can have a look at the details of the Ticket Raised and can solve it swiftly.

Notifications will keep you updated with New Messages.

Multilingual Option Icon can be scrolled up and down using the Scroll Bar at the Side to select from the available 21 Language Options as there are no Language Barriers in Navigating or Managing the Admin. Based on your Requirement you can choose the Language and can also set the Language under Site Settings. There are more rooms for customization based on the requirement if arises.

Admin Image Icon can be updated from the Top Right of the image/Avatar.

Header center menus

Center of the Header Content Contributes the Essential Features or Modules as Titles. Upon Clicking will show you the Menus or display the Page as Main Content which can be scrolled up and down using the Side Scroll Bar.

Sub Menu can be displayed upon expanding the Desired Header Center Menus or Content of that Menu Selection as Main Content & proceeded further to the detailed pages if necessary.

Totally 14 Modules or Titles are shown in the Bottom or Center of the Header Content. They are Dashboard, Network, Team, E-Store, Party Plan, Configuration, Wallet, Mass Payout, Reports, Marketing, Settings, E-Pin, Message Center, Ticket Center & Events. Will go through each Module in-depth one by one as we carry on further.

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