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Analysis and Activity

Dashboard Main Content Row includes Profit Analysis, My (User) Downlines, Member Stats, Sales Stats, Event Section, Top Earners, Chat & Recently Joined Distributors based on Business Plan.

Profit Analysis involves probing the reported profit figure of a business to determine the actual extent of its profitability. Profit Analysis gives the Analysis of the Profit based on Member, Profit & Order for a particular day and can be shown for a week in a Graphical Form. If you hover around the Graph over a chosen date and Profit Analysis with Member, Profit & Order will be displayed.

User Downlines provides how many Distributors have been enrolled under the User and has an idea of the Downline Distributors from Graphical View. Details of Personal Introduction, Left Leg, Right Leg & Total Downlines on a Particular Day in a Graphical Form will be displayed on hovering around the Graph & may vary based on the Business Plan.

Member Stats with Count Details of Purchase Volume, Gross Purchase Volume, Active Members & Paid Accounts will be shown for the Users.

Sales Stats for a Week can be seen in a Graphical Representation. Total Sales Amount will be displayed at the Top & if hover around the Graph for a Particular Day will show the Sales Stats with Date for the users.

Event Section with most Significant or any Upcoming Events can be informed or announced by Admin will be reflected in User Dashboard which can be of use at times.

Top Earners are the Earnings that the User earned through Various Commissions & Referrals based on the Business Model with their Username and how many amounts they have Earned will be displayed in Dashboard.

Chat Session is between Admin & All Users. Any Matter concerning/ interested can be clarified or discussed or shared here by just typing the details and Click on the Circle Icon to be sent.

Recently Joined Distributors shows the Details of the Username who Joined as a Distributor Recently or New Recruits with Plan, Email ID, Date of Join with Time, Phone Number & Status with Active or Suspend.

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