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Admin E-wallet

E-Wallet, Electronic Wallet is a Virtual Storage Space Method that stores the Information about E-Money, E – Pin, Income and Expenses. E-Wallet plays a Significant role in Managing all Financial Transfers & User Information. They are much more secure & trustworthy for Money transfers and other Business Transactions.

E – Wallet Details with Username, Amount Paid, Paid Currency, Payment Mode, Transaction ID, Paid Date, Type & Action saying Paid or Unpaid will be displayed. Use Search to find out the desired details in E-Wallet.

Username gives the user’s enrolment username with E-Wallet details.

Amount Paid is the value of money paid for users with the username mentioned above under E – Wallet.

Paid Currency gives the details of the Currency used to pay the Amount for the user with  E – Wallet Details.

Payment Mode gives the detail of the way by which the payment been paid to a user under E-Wallet Details.

Transaction ID gives the ID created for that payment transaction under E – Wallet Details.

Paid Date gives the Date on which the Amount been paid to the user under E – Wallet Details.

Wallet Type gives the Wallet Type either cash or electronic to which the amount been paid or business transaction happens shown under E – Wallet Details.

Action will show the status either paid or unpaid under E – Wallet Details. If it shows as an unpaid status then Admin can take necessary action or efforts to make it paid if that transaction been approved.


Fund Transfer provides Admin with the details of the amount transferred in the organization between the distributors or any members based on the business structure.

Fund Transfer Details of Funds that have been transferred from One Member Commission Account to Another Members Commission Account with Fund Transfer Details of the Members like From, To, Amount, Wallet & Date will be displayed.

Fund Transfer Details From & To provides the member details from whom the amount transferred & To whom it been received.

The amount is the sum of funds been transferred between the members.

The wallet gives the information on what type either cash or electronic the funds been transferred.

The date on which the amount been transferred between the members.


Deduct a Fund is a Tool that can be used to Deduct Funds from the Customer Wallets either Cash or Electronic when they do any illegal Activities or Unwanted Transactions. Admin can easily Deduct a Bonus from Admin Backoffice for any Users whom they wanted to take off or deduct the money from their Account for various reasons.

Deduct Funds Details with Username, Type, Wallet Type either Cash or Electronic, Amount, Description, Date with Time for the Customers or Users/Distributors shown under Deduct Funds.

Username gives the user’s username under Registration to whom the Funds been deducted by Admin

Type is the kind for which the transaction been made under E-Wallet by Admin for the User. it is Bonus Money or funds deducted by Admin.

Wallet Type shows either Cash or Electronic from which the Funds been deducted by Admin from Admin Backoffice.

The amount is the value of bonus money or funds deducted by Admin.

The description gives brief information about the reason or purpose of deducting the funds by Admin for the User.

Deducted Funds Date gives the date and time on which the funds been deducted from the user by Admin from Admin Backoffice.


Deduct Funds can be done by selecting UserName from the drop-down Menu & completing with the details like Bonus Amount, Memo, Wallet Option either Electronic or Cash, Memo & Submit to proceed for deducting Bonus or cancel to undo the action.

Username can be selected from the drop-down Menu by Admin for whom the deduct funds will take place. The username shown will be the one used by the User during the Registration Process under Username. Only those Username Menu will be available for the Admin to deduct funds. Admin will take action to get the deducted money from the user if the account doesn’t have enough funds to carry out the deduction.

Deduct Funds Amount is the value of money intended for deducting from the User by Admin.

The memo is the place where the Admin can write down a Memo briefing the reason or purpose for deducting funds from the user.

Amount Deducted Successful Message will be displayed once deducted successfully. Deduct Funds Details will be reflected under E-Wallet.

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