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Admin Backoffice Admin Profile

Once land on the Admin Backoffice Admin Profile displays or welcomes you with the Username set under Profile Settings.

Admin Profile & Image can easily be updated from Top Right Header from Admin Backoffice by Admin.

Admin Icon Menus from Admin Image Icon at the Top Right is helpful in Managing & Updating the Admin Profile with changes like Dark Theme Mode, System Updates & Profile Settings. There is also an option to Change your Password if required and can log out anytime easily without any hassle.

Dark Theme Mode turns the light surfaces of the page dark which is useful on Different Occasions.

Password Change enables to easily change the Password by completing the details of Current Password, New Password, Confirm Password & Submit.

Password Rule which includes Minimum 8 Characters, Maximum 20 Characters, should have at least One Special Character, One Capital Letter/Upper Case, One LowerCase, One Number & No Spaces should be there within the Password.

System Updates take you to the page from where you can check the latest Core version Updates and keep abreast with them if required.

Logout can be used if you want to exit the Admin Backoffice at any time.

Profile Menu will lead to Profile Settings from where the Admin Profile Username,  Admin Email ID & Profile Image, Send OTP to Mail can be updated upon Submit. Allowed file format png, jpg , SVG 100 px X 34 px.

Username is the name given for the Admin that can be changed in this field.

Admin Email ID is the Email Address of the Admin.

Profile Image is the Avatar or Picture updated in this field for Admin.

OTP is One Time Password send through Email & used upon verifying.

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