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My Earnings

Earnings are the money obtained by the User in return for labor or services in the Organization. Earnings and the Circumstances relating to them can indicate whether it will be profitable and successful in the long run so it plays a vital role as a determinant. My Earnings Menu can be available from Tool Icon […]

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Promotional Tools

Promotional Tools is one of the Menu under Top Right Header Bell Icon along the Menus of Notification & Newsletter. Promotion is used to communicate the Organization’s message across the consumer using Tools of advertising, sales promotion, public relation and direct marketing from the Admin Backoffice. Promotion increases customer traffic & therefore is essential for the

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Newsletter is a regularly distributed publication sent to its members, customers, employees or other subscribers generally about one main topic that is of their interest as a printed or electronic report with news concerning the activities of a business or an organization. Newsletter is controlled by the sender. Newsletters can be considered as a grey literature as it

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Notification is a message, or symbol on your backoffice telling you that someone has sent you a message or put something new for you to look at on in detail. The thought of logging back on and sifting through a huge number of Notifications will be tiring. New Notifications will display under corresponding Top Right HeaderIcon &  individual

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Features & Structure

Standard Features Standard Features that you come across most often throughout all the Menu Pages in User Backoffice are like Display Entries, Search Option and More. Display Entries – 10,25,50,100 can be set using Drop Down Menu at the Top Left which will reflect on that page and also display Bottom Left. Flip through the

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User Backend

User Back End features the User Backoffice. Once the Registration of your Distributors or Customers to your Organization been completed successfully, upon Login with their confirmed credentials after admin approval and activation, will take  to their corresponding User Backoffice. Specifically saying it will land them to their respective Dashboard Backoffice Page with the Green Welcome

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E-Commerce Platform

PROMLM ICON Software manages every function of your business more effectively by providing with options to use either with established market leaders like Shopify or Woo-commerce to create new level of scalability for MLM Business and a higher level of confidence from the consumers shopping on websites. Website Shopping Cart will be based on E

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KYC Based Registration

PROMLM ICON offers Cloud-Based Secured Advanced Software with KYC-based Registration with SUITE, SUPREME & LIBERTY Licenses. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) procedures are a critical function to assess customer risk and a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. Effective KYC involves knowing a customers identity, their financial activities, and the risk they pose.

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Registration is very simple and easy process that begins once the User decided to join your Organization. Registration Package & Process can be personalized to meet individual Organization Plan & Requirements. User will be completing the details of the Registration Form accordingly. Selection of Name for the Replicated Site can be done from the Registration

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User Front-End

Basic Information PROMLM ICON Software comprises of 3 parts: they are Front End which is the Website User Interface seen by all the people who lands into your Business Site, Back End which is also called as Member Backoffice accessible only by the Registered Members & Admin Backoffice also called as BackEnd which is accessible

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