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Admin side Reports

Our PROMLM ICON Software is enriched with many Reports along with BI & 300+ Dynamic In-Built Comprehensive human-readable reports that can be procured from various data sources in an organized format for a specific audience and purpose. Reports can also be exported in different formats either hard or soft copy. Reports can be viewed from Admin Backoffice Central […]

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Mass PayOut

Mass PayOut is the Mass Withdrawal done In Business Transactions with both Cash & E-Wallets Based according to the PayOut Configurations Set under the PayOut Settings. HOW TO DO MASS PAYOUT Mass Payment can be made by completing the details of the Wallet type, Payment Options, Mass Payout Details with Name, Email ID, Wallet Balance, Payment

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Send Bonus

Send Bonus is a Tool using which the Admin can Send Bonus to their Distributors like Gift, Achievement Bonus & more which will be reflected in their E- Wallet – Cash & Electronic. Send Bonus Details with Username, Type, Wallet Type either Cash or Electronic, Amount, Description, Transaction ID, Date with Time for the Customers or

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Admin E-wallet

E-Wallet, Electronic Wallet is a Virtual Storage Space Method that stores the Information about E-Money, E – Pin, Income and Expenses. E-Wallet plays a Significant role in Managing all Financial Transfers & User Information. They are much more secure & trustworthy for Money transfers and other Business Transactions. E – Wallet Details with Username, Amount

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Withdrawal is taking away from a particular place, here we are talking about taking money from Wallet. Withdraw gives the information of Money Withdrawal from the Wallet either Cash or Electronic both Paid and Pending. Admin should always have to check pay withdrawal & paid withdrawal confirming that all pending if accepted has been approved,

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Admin Backoffice Bonus Menu from Central Header Configuration will enable to set the Bonus Configuration as per your Compensation Plan. This will be easily done by just following the guide which takes you to Configure Custom Bonus Settings. Add Bonus Details with Bonus Name, Plan, Period Status either Instant or Period, Bonus To, Bonus Type, Reward

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MLM Plans

PROMLM Software offers a number of MLM compensation plans for both Direct Selling and Network Marketing companies including Hybrid & Customized MLM plans based on individual business requirements. The plan gives you Quick Access to Configurations from where you can Set the Matrix Plan for Admin Friendly Software as per your Business Requirement.  You always

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Party Plan Design

PROMLM ICON empower you with an edge over your competitors with unique Industry tool of Party Plan where companies can authorize their distributors who have signed up as a representative on their Direct Selling business to host in-home or online/virtual parties. Party Compensation Plan is a fresh approach implemented by MLM companies for advertising or marketing of

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E – Store is one of the module of the Header Central or Bottom Content which can be accessed from Admin Backoffice by Admin. E – Store Menu have E – Products & Order History based on the E – Commerce platform that have been integrated with your business. E – Products E – Products of

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Team is a group of individuals working together to achieve their goal. Admin & Sub Admins are involved in managing the Distributors in the Organization & their goal is to manage the distributors. Together as a Team work towards achieving business growth with consistent revenue through their referrals, commissions, e-commerce & many more depending on the business plan

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