MLM Purchase Volume

MLM Purchase Volume

Purchase Volume (PV)

Admin can set the PV for each product based on the Price & Demand. When user purchase the product, the PV added to his account. PV is useful for calculating commissions, bonus & Ranks.

Group Purchase Volume ( GPV )

Simply, Group Purchase Value is the sum Purchase Volumes by users down-line.  GPV is useful in defining the Performance Bonus & Ranks

Cash Wallet

In MLM Industry, the general  practice is to maintain a Cash Wallet for the user account and store all the earnings include commission, bonus etc., there.  The amount in cash wallet can be withdrawn to user’s Payment Gateway or Bank.


In most of the MLM programs, for each user an E-wallet account also maintained.  Generally the amount in E-wallet is used for Purchase the Products and Purchase the E-Pin.

Free Membership / One Time Fee / Package Subscription

Monthly / Yearly membership is the most common practice in Modern day MLM Business Models. ProMLM readily supports the membership packages. Admin can define any membership include Free Membership.

Auto Membership Renewal

Setting up the automated renewal of membership using Recurring Payment or using the E-wallet is the most common practice.

Auto Ship

Auto Ship is mostly used in combination with Membership & Auto Renewal.  A user can set auto shipping a list of products each month. The order will be repeated each month cycle.