MLM Commission Bonus

MLM Commission Bonus

Referral Commission – Direct Sponsor

In ProMLM, the administrator can set the Referral Commission to Sponsor on each new joiner from his / her referral link or e-pin or through replicated site or through Lead Capture Page

Referral Commission – Level

In ProMLM, the administrator can also Level Commission. The level commission applies to all the uplines in the network. Generally it can be set as % or Flat ($) value

Product Level Commission

The product level commissions apply to User Group level and/or Product Level. When user make a purchase, a part of the sales goes to their up-line(s) as product level commissions.

Join-in or Entry Bonus

Giving Join-in bonus to the new members is the common practice to encourage the recruitment. The join-in bonus may be % of Registration Fee or Flat $.

Quick Start Bonus

The quick start bonus is Time & Performance bound. For example, a new user recruits  N number of new down-lines with in a specified days, he/she gets the bonus for quick start.

Performance Bonus

In ProMLM, the administrator can set the bonus based on Purchases & Group Purchases for a specific period.  The bonus may be monthly, quarterly or yearly or admin defined interval.

Matching Bonus

The concept of matching bonus applies to the Binary Matrix Only. In binary matrix, if a user complete the Left & Right, he gets the bonus.

Dynamic Bonus Builder

Based on the Sales Performance, the administrator can set nay type of Bonus. The most common bonus in MLM industry are Gift Brochures, Car Bonus, Travel / Holiday Trip Bonus.