Admin Back Office – 1

Admin Back Office

In ProMLM, the admin back office is powerful and gives the admin complete control over the MLM Programs, Compensation Plans, Users and Payouts

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Admin Dashboard

In ProMLM, the admin dashboard is powerful and included with visually rich chart elements.

The typical dashboard elements are

  • Total Profit
  • Total Members
  • Total Orders
  • Members Joined Today

Dashboard also includes

  • Bar Chart on Member Registration on Past 7 Days
  • Bar Chart for Admin Earning for last 6 Month
  • Line Chart for Member Distribution on Matrix Plans

Dashboard also includes the following list

  • List of Top Sponsor with their earnings
  • List of Recently joined-in users
  • List of Latest Orders

User Management

The user management module is designed with AJAX, so you can simply get all the user related info in a single page. The typical features of User Management are

  • Add user (admin can add a new user under any matrix / any place)
  • View User
    • Basic Profile Details
    • Matrix Programs Enrolled
    • Transactions By the user
    • Purchase History
    • User Earnings
    • Fund Transfer
    • Login History
  • Edit User
    • Edit Profile Details
    • Update/ Change Status
    • Activate / Deactivate Suspend
    • Reset Password
    • Delete User

Compensation Plans

Admin can define a compensation plan based on the Business Requirement. Each compensation plan definition includes the following

Matrix Type

Currently the following matrix type are supported

  • Binary
  • Forced
  • Uni-level
  • Linear
  • X-Up
  • Cyclic

Default Sponsor

Admin can select any available user as default sponsor.  Any direct registration will follow the default sponsor


Admin can set the status as Active / Inactive. Only active compensation plans are available for registration

Registration Criteria 

Admin can set this compensation plan for Public User Registration or only for admin registration.

Level Width – Depth

Based on the matrix type, need to define the Level Width & Depth.

Entry Criteria 

Set the entry to the plan is FREE or PAID. In case of PAID, there is two more sub-options settings

  • One Time Fee
  • Subscription Package

Direct Commission 

The admin can define the direct commission. This directly goes to sponsor and do not  depend on network placements.

Level Commissions

Based on the matrix type, the level commission are distributed to up lines. Admin can set the level commissions. Level commission set for One Time Fee / Package

Join-in Bonus

Optionally the admin can define the Join-in Bonus. The bonus goes to the user registered.

Product Level Commission

Admin can set Product Level Commissions. These applies to all the purchases through shopping cart.

E-Pin Management

E-Pin are the simple way to carry on registration with the funds available in the system.  The e-pin are mainly used for registration fee. The typical features include

  • View E-Pin
  • Create E-Pin (Single / Bulk)
  • Validate E-Pin
  • Trace E-Pin

Bonus Management

Admin can set any bonus plans. The typical bonus setting parameters are

  • No. of Direct Referrals
  • No. of Down-lines
  • Purchase Volume
  • Group Purchase Volume
  • Bonus Type
    • One Time Bonus
    • Recurring Bonus
      • Daily Bonus
      • Weekly Bonus
      • Monthly Bonus
      • Quarterly Bonus
      • Yearly Bonus
  • Eligibility Package
  • Eligibility Rank

Rank Management

Rank are the most commonly used way in Network Community to acknowledge  the performance and achievements. The typical rank setting parameters are

  • Entry Rank (current rank)
  • Purchase Volume
  • Group Purchase Volume
  • No. of Direct Referrals
  • No. of Down-lines

Payout Management

A well defined network program often depends on the payouts.  In ProMLM, we understand the practical realities of the Business and introduced a set of controls to run your payouts

  • Payout Settings : admin can set the following
    • Min withdraw amount
    • Maximum withdraw amount
    • Max. no of withdraw requests per day
    • Max. no of withdraw requests per month
    • Withdraw Commission (%)
  • Payout Processing
    • Admin can export the Payout Request as Excel and process manually