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Configuring the User Dashboard in the Admin Panel #

Introduction: #

In your software, administrators have the authority to configure the distributor/user dashboard through the User Dashboard Settings in the Admin Back Office. This configuration will be promptly reflected on the user’s side, ensuring a customized user experience. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up the user dashboard, including message titles, content, and banners.

Section 1: Setting up the User Dashboard #
Configuring User Dashboard: #
1. Accessing User Dashboard Settings: #

Navigate to the User Dashboard Settings in the Admin Back Office to initiate the setup.

2. Details for User Dashboard: #

Fill in the details, which include:
– Message Title: Input a title for the message.
– Message Content: Provide content for the message.
– Banner Image: Upload a banner image.
– First New Product Banner: Upload the image for the first new product banner.
– Second New Product Banner: Upload the image for the second new product banner.

3. File Format Requirements: #

Ensure that banner images and new product banners adhere to the following format requirements:
– Banner: PNG, SVG, JPG with a resolution of 1920 x 600 pixels.
– New Product Banners: PNG, SVG, JPG with a resolution of 794 x 358 pixels.

4. Save Your Configuration: #

Once you’ve filled in the details and uploaded the images, click “Submit” to save your user dashboard configuration. You can also cancel the operation if needed.

Configuring the user dashboard in your software is a powerful tool for creating a tailored user experience. Admins can effortlessly set the user dashboard from the Admin Back Office, making it user-friendly and visually appealing. By specifying message titles, content, and banners, you can provide valuable information and engage users effectively. Remember to adhere to the file format requirements for banners and new product banners, and save your configuration to see the changes reflected on the user side. This feature allows you to enhance user satisfaction and engagement with your software.

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