System Modules

Activating Additional System Modules #

Introduction: #

To enhance your software’s capabilities, you can purchase and activate additional modules. These modules offer various features tailored to your business requirements and compensation plan. This guide explains how to activate these modules for an enriched software experience.

Section 1: Available System Modules #
1. Explore System Modules: #

The available system modules cater to different business needs. Depending on your compensation plan and objectives, you can activate the following modules:

– Party Plan
– Sales Funnel
– Social Media Engine
– E-Pin
– E-Learning
– Shop Replicated
– Shopify Integration
– Premium E-Learning
– Message Center
-Ticket Center
-Site Analytics

Section 2: Activating System Modules #
2. Simple Activation Process: #

Activating additional modules is straightforward. Here’s how:

– Select Modules: Choose the module(s) you wish to activate.

– Provide License Key: You will receive a unique License Key upon payment. Enter this key in the provided field.

– Activate: Click the “Activate” button to initiate the activation process.

– Confirmation: Upon successful activation, the yellow “Purchase” box will change to a black “Activated” box, indicating that the module is now active.

Enhancing your software’s capabilities with additional modules is a simple process. Whether you need features related to e-learning, party plans, or analytics, you can activate them based on your compensation plan. This guide has detailed the steps to ensure a smooth activation process for a feature-rich software experience.

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