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Sending E-Pins – A Step-by-Step Guide for Admin #

Introduction: #

Sending E-Pins is a straightforward process that allows you, as an admin, to reward your users with special privileges or discounts. This guide will walk you through the steps to send E-Pins efficiently.

Section 1: How to Send E-Pins #
Step 1: Access the E-Pin Tool #

1. Navigate to E-Pin Tool: Start by accessing the E-Pin tool in your admin back office. This is where you can initiate the process of sending E-Pins.

Step 2: Fill in the E-Pin Details #

1. Recipient’s User Name: Specify the user name of the recipient. This is the individual who will receive the E-Pin.

2. Number of E-Pins (Count): Define the quantity of E-Pins you want to send to the recipient. You can send multiple E-Pins at once.

3. E-Pin Type: Choose the type of E-Pin you want to send. This could be for a specific package or promotion.

4. E-Pin Amount: Set the monetary value or discount associated with the E-Pin. This could be a fixed amount or a percentage, depending on the E-Pin type.

5. Memo (Optional): Include any additional notes or a message for the recipient. This can provide context for why they’re receiving the E-Pin.

Step 3: Send the E-Pins #

1. Submit: After filling in all the necessary details, click the “Submit” button to send the E-Pins to the specified recipient. The E-Pins will be delivered to the user.

2. Cancel: If you need to abort the action or make changes, you can click “Cancel” to undo the process.

Sending E-Pins is a powerful tool for engaging and rewarding your users. By following these steps, you can efficiently send E-Pins from your admin back office to individual users. Ensure you provide clear instructions to recipients on how to redeem and use the E-Pins. Keep in mind that E-Pins can be an effective way to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, so use them wisely.

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