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Default Features in the Reporting Module #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the default features available within our Reporting Module. These features are designed to enhance your experience and provide you with essential tools to navigate and manipulate data effectively. We will explore these default features in detail, ensuring a clear understanding of their functions.

Section 1: Understanding Default Features #
Default Features: #

Our Reporting Module comes equipped with a range of default features aimed at streamlining your reporting experience. These features offer convenience and efficiency when working with reports.

Section 2: Exploring Default Features #
Default Features Overview: #
1. Display Entries: #
Purpose: #

Customize the number of entries displayed on a single page within reports.

Procedure: #

Adjust the display entries option to view a specific number of entries per page, allowing for a more tailored report viewing experience.

2. Flip Pages using < >: #
Purpose: #

Navigate through multiple pages of reports easily.

Procedure: #

Utilize the < > symbols to flip through different pages of reports, ensuring that you can access extensive data seamlessly.

3. Search: #
Purpose: #

Locate specific data within reports efficiently.

Procedure: #

Use the search function to find specific data points or entries within reports quickly. This feature is particularly useful when looking for specific information.

4. Reset to Undo: #
Purpose: #

Reverse any changes or actions made.

Procedure: #

If you make any changes or selections within the report, the reset option allows you to undo these actions, ensuring data integrity.

5. Print, PDF, Excel, Copy, CSV: #
Purpose: #

Generate reports in various formats.

Procedure: #

Choose from multiple options, such as printing, creating a PDF, exporting to Excel, copying, or saving as CSV, to suit your reporting needs.

6. Eye View Icon under Action: #
Purpose: #

Access detailed information for selected user reports.

Procedure: #

Clicking the eye view icon under the action menu provides a detailed view of the selected user report, offering a deeper understanding of the data.

7. Blue – Download Icon under Action: #
Purpose: #

Download specific invoice reports.

Procedure: #

Clicking the blue download icon under the action menu enables you to download the details of a particular invoice report, allowing for offline access.

Section 3: Utilizing Default Features #
Enhancing User Experience: #

These default features are designed to enhance your user experience within the Reporting Module. Whether you need to customize data display, navigate reports efficiently, search for specific information, or generate reports in various formats, these features are at your disposal.

This comprehensive guide has provided a detailed overview of the default features available within our Reporting Module. By understanding and utilizing these features effectively, you can maximize your reporting capabilities, making data analysis and decision-making a seamless process.

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