Configuring Registration Fields for User Onboarding #

Introduction: #

One of the crucial steps in getting your distributors on board is setting up the registration process. In our software, we offer a user-friendly and highly customizable registration field configuration feature, allowing you to tailor the onboarding experience to match your business structure. This article will guide you through the process of configuring registration fields, making it clear how you can enable, disable, and make fields mandatory during registration.

Section 1: Enabling and Disabling Fields #
Enabling Fields: #

1. Name: Decide whether you want to collect the user’s name during registration.

2. Address: Choose to include or exclude address information in the registration process.

3. Phone Number: Determine whether users should provide their contact number upon registration.

4. Email ID: Select whether you wish to capture users’ email addresses.

5. Turing Code: Enable this field for an extra layer of security.

Disabling Fields: #

6. Country: Depending on your business requirements, you can enable or disable this field.

7. ID Proof: Customize the registration process by choosing whether users need to provide identification proof.

8. Tax Documents: Allow or disallow users to upload tax-related documents during registration.

9. Alternate Email ID: You can decide if this field should be part of the registration process.

10. Username: Choose whether you want users to select their usernames during registration.

11. Leg Selection: Decide if users should choose a leg during registration.

Section 2: Mandatory Fields #

12. Mandatory Fields: Determine which fields are mandatory for users to fill during registration by ticking the “Required” box.

Our registration field configuration feature offers you the flexibility to customize the registration process to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you want to enable, disable, or make specific fields mandatory, the power is in your hands. This allows you to streamline the onboarding process for your distributors, ensuring that you collect the information that matters most to your business. The personalized registration process sets the tone for a positive user experience and aligns with your business structure seamlessly.

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