Payment Settings

Configuring Payment Settings in the Admin Panel #

Introduction: #

Payment settings are a crucial aspect of managing business transactions in your software. This comprehensive guide explains how administrators can configure various payment-related aspects from the Admin Back Office. These settings include Payment, Payout, Payout Configuration, Mass Payout, Coupon, Tax, Currency, and Multi-Currency.

Section 1: Setting Up Payment Settings #
Configuring Payment Modes: #
1. Accessing Payment Settings: #

To begin, navigate to the Payment Settings section within the Admin Back Office.

2. Selecting Payment Modes: #

Choose from the available payment modes that are relevant to your business.

3. Customization: #

Depending on your business requirements, customize the payment modes to suit your needs.

4. Save Changes: #

After configuring the payment modes, ensure to save your changes.

Section 2: Payout Configuration #
Setting Up Payout Configuration: #


1. Navigating to Payout Configuration: #

Access the Payout Configuration settings within the Admin Back Office.

2. Adjusting Payout Parameters: #

Tailor the payout parameters as per your compensation plan and business structure.

3. Saving Configuration: #

Once all changes are made, save the payout configuration settings.

Section 3: Mass Payout #
Configuring Mass Payout: #
1. Accessing Mass Payout Settings: #

Navigate to the Mass Payout settings in the Admin Back Office.

2. Select Payment Mode: #

Choose the payment mode and gateway for mass payouts.

3. Details: #

Fill in the necessary details, such as name, email, wallet balance, payment type, and payment details.

4. Generating Reports: #

Utilize features like print, copy, PDF, Excel, and CSV to generate and export mass payout reports.

Section 4: Tax and Currency Settings #
Setting Tax and Currency Preferences: #
1. Accessing Tax and Currency Settings: #

Navigate to the Tax and Currency settings within the Admin Back Office.

2. Configuring Taxation: #

Adjust tax settings, if applicable, to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

3. Selecting Currency: #

Set the default currency for your software based on your target market.

4. Multi-Currency Support: #

If needed, enable multi-currency support to accommodate a global user base.

Configuring payment settings in your software is a fundamental step in ensuring smooth and efficient business transactions with users. Admins can tailor payment modes, payout configurations, and mass payout settings to match their compensation plans and business structure. Additionally, features like tax and currency settings can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. By following the instructions detailed in this guide, administrators can manage payment-related aspects effectively from the Admin Back Office. These settings empower your software to handle payments, payouts, and financial operations seamlessly, promoting a secure and user-friendly experience.

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