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Navigating Distributor Data with Scrolling Bars #

Introduction: #

In this guide, we will explore the functionality of scrolling bars within the Distributors section of our software. These scrolling bars allow you to easily navigate and view distributor data while keeping essential columns like “Name” and “Action” readily accessible. Whether you need to scroll vertically or horizontally, these bars provide a seamless way to navigate through extensive lists of distributor information. We will walk you through how to use these scrolling bars to efficiently access data from left to right, top to bottom, or vice versa.

Navigating Distributor Data with Scrolling Bars: #

Let’s dive into the detailed process of using scrolling bars to navigate distributor data:

1. Accessing Distributor Data: #

Start by accessing the Distributors section within your software. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of distributors with various columns of information.

2. Column Layout: #

The “Name” and “Action” columns remain fixed and readily visible, ensuring that you can always identify the distributor’s name and take actions as needed.
Other columns contain additional details such as sponsor, email, rank, status, and more, extending horizontally beyond the initial view.

3. Scrolling Bars: #

To navigate through the extensive distributor data, you can use two types of scrolling bars:
Vertical Scrolling Bar: This allows you to scroll up and down, facilitating navigation from top to bottom or vice versa. It covers the range of columns from “Name” to “Status.”
Horizontal Scrolling Bar: This enables you to scroll left to right or right to left, ensuring you can explore columns that extend beyond the initial view.

4. Efficient Navigation: #

Utilize the vertical scrolling bar to access distributors’ details from the top of the list to the bottom or move in the reverse direction.
The horizontal scrolling bar facilitates efficient exploration of additional columns that may not be fully visible in the initial view.
This dynamic navigation feature ensures that you can seamlessly access distributor information without losing sight of essential columns like “Name” and “Action.”

The scrolling bars within the Distributors section of our software offer a user-friendly way to navigate through extensive lists of distributor data. These bars enable you to explore distributor details from top to bottom, left to right, or vice versa while keeping essential columns like “Name” and “Action” intact and readily accessible. By using these scrolling bars, you can efficiently access and manage distributor information, ensuring that your network administration tasks are streamlined and convenient.

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