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Customizing Login and Forgot Password Banners #

Introduction: #

In your software’s settings, you have the power to tailor the Login and Forgot Password banners, which play a pivotal role in user interaction. This guide will provide detailed steps on how to edit these banners, ensuring they align seamlessly with your software’s branding and user experience.

Section 1: Accessing Banner Editing #
1. Access Banner Editing: #

To start customizing your banners, follow these steps:

– Navigation: Navigate to the section that deals with Login and Forgot Password banners.

Section 2: Customizing Login Banner #
2. Edit Login Banner: #

The Login banner is the first thing users see when accessing your software. Here’s how to personalize it:

– Edit Login Banner: Click on the Edit icon located in the Action column next to the Login banner.

– Image Selection: Choose your desired image that represents your software effectively.

– Status Configuration: Decide whether you want the banner to be active or inactive by setting the Status to On or Off.

– Save Changes: Click Submit to apply your changes or Cancel to revert.

Section 3: Tailoring Forgot Password Banner #
3. Edit Forgot Password Banner: #

The Forgot Password banner is equally important. Follow these steps to modify it:

– Edit Forgot Password Banner: Click on the Edit icon next to the Forgot Password banner.

– Select a New Image: Choose an image that resonates with the password recovery process.

– Status Setting: Determine if you want the banner to be active (On) or not (Off).

– Save or Discard Changes: Hit Submit to save your modifications or Cancel to discard them.

Customizing Login and Forgot Password banners allows you to create an inviting and cohesive user experience. With these easy-to-follow steps, you can effortlessly change banner images and their status, ensuring that your software aligns seamlessly with your brand and user expectations.Personalizing your Login and Forgot Password banners is an effective way to enhance the user experience. By following these straightforward instructions, you can effortlessly update banner images and their status, guaranteeing that your software maintains brand consistency and user engagement.

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