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Streamlining Distributor Upload: A Comprehensive Guide for Admin #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will elaborate on the process of bulk distributor upload within our software’s Admin interface. This feature simplifies the task of adding multiple distributors simultaneously. To ensure a clear and detailed understanding, we will walk you through each step in a professional manner.

Section 1: Bulk Distributor Upload #

Admins can efficiently upload bulk distributors by following these steps:

Step 1: Prepare CSV File #
Purpose: #

Prepare a CSV file containing distributor information, with specific mandatory fields.

Procedure: #

1. The CSV file must include at least the following mandatory fields: User Name, Email, and Sponsor Name.
2. Ensure that the date format for the member’s date of joining adheres to dd/mm/yyyy in the CSV file.
3. To obtain country IDs, you can refer to the “View Countries” link within the software.

Step 2: Download Sample File #
Purpose: #

Download a sample CSV file to use as a template for your distributor data.

Procedure: #

1. The software offers an option to download a sample CSV file, which can serve as a template.
2. This sample file provides guidance on the required format for successful bulk distributor upload.

Step 3: Upload Distributors #

Purpose: Upload the prepared CSV file to add multiple distributors at once.

Procedure: #

1. Begin by selecting the desired plan for the distributors you are adding.
2. Use the “Browse” option to locate and choose the prepared CSV file on your computer.
3. After selecting the file, click the “Submit” button to initiate the bulk distributor upload.
4. If you wish to cancel the action, select the “Cancel” option to undo the upload.

Step 4: Streamlined Group Recruitment #
Purpose: #

This feature streamlines the process of adding multiple distributors, making group recruitment more efficient.

Procedure: #

1. Admins can use this bulk distributor upload feature to add multiple recruits to the network in a single action, simplifying group recruitment efforts.

This comprehensive guide has outlined the procedure for bulk distributor upload within our software’s Admin interface. By following these steps, administrators can efficiently and accurately add multiple distributors to the system. This feature is particularly beneficial for streamlined group recruitment, allowing admins to add network members with ease and precision.

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