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Navigating Graphical Views in PROMLM ICON Based on Your Business Plan #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Graphical View feature within our software, offering detailed insights on how to utilize this powerful tool effectively. The Graphical View feature is tailored to your specific business plan, including Unilevel, Binary, Linear, Forced, Cycle, or Australian X-Up Plan. This dynamic feature allows you to visualize your network’s structure in a graphical format, providing an intuitive understanding of your organization’s hierarchy. We will walk you through the process of selecting and customizing the Graphical View based on your chosen plan and preferences.

Accessing Graphical View: #

To access the Graphical View feature efficiently, follow these steps:

1. Locate Graphical View: #

The Graphical View option can typically be found within the software’s navigation menu, often listed as a separate module or section. Access it to begin visualizing your network.

Exploring Graphical View Options: #

Graphical View is adaptable to various business plans, and you can customize it to your specific needs. Let’s explore the key options and features within the Graphical View:

1.Select Your Business Plan: #

Depending on your business plan integration, you can choose from Unilevel, Binary, Linear, Forced, Cycle, or Australian X-Up Plan. Select the plan that aligns with your organization’s structure and compensation model.

2. Plan Selection Dropdown: #

In the Graphical View, you can select the specific plan you want to visualize from a dropdown menu. This feature allows you to switch between different plans, if applicable.

3. Search Functionality: #

The search option is a powerful tool for locating specific members or nodes within your graphical view. It can be invaluable when dealing with large networks or when searching for specific individuals.

4. Graphical View Templates: #

Customizing your Graphical View is made easy with templates. From the options menu, select your preferred template. Upon selection, a white circle icon typically changes to a green circle icon, indicating that you have activated the chosen template.

5. Template Activation Confirmation: #

After selecting a template, you will have the option to confirm or cancel the activation. This step ensures that you can make changes without permanently committing to a template until you’re satisfied with the visual results.

6. User-Side View: #

Once you have successfully updated and activated your chosen template, you will see the selected template view on the user side. This view allows you to visualize your network structure as per your preferences and selected template.

7. Navigation: #

To enhance your viewing experience, use the scroll bar on the side of the Graphical View. This feature allows you to move up and down for a better view and in-depth exploration of your network.

The Graphical View feature in our software is a powerful tool that adapts to your business plan, offering flexible visualization options. Whether you are using a Unilevel, Binary, Linear, Forced, Cycle, or Australian X-Up Plan, this feature allows you to tailor your network visualization to your needs. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently access, select, and customize the Graphical View, enhancing your ability to visualize and analyze your network’s hierarchy effectively.

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