Graphical View Templates

Exploring Graphical View Templates #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the available Graphical View Templates within our software, offering detailed insights on how to choose and activate these templates effectively. Graphical View Templates enhance your ability to visualize your network structure in a way that aligns with your preferences and business needs. We will introduce you to the 11 templates available, including Luba, Olivia, Derek, Diva, Mila, Polina, Mery, Rony, Belinda, Ula, and Ana, and walk you through the process of selecting and activating them.

Accessing Graphical View Templates: #

To access and utilize the Graphical View Templates efficiently, follow these steps:

1. Locate Graphical View Templates: #

Access the Graphical View section within your software, typically found in the navigation menu. Inside this section, you will discover a range of templates to choose from.

Exploring Graphical View Templates: #

Our software offers 11 visually engaging Graphical View Templates, each with its unique design and layout. Let’s explore these templates in detail:

1. Luba: #

Luba template offers a specific visual representation of your network hierarchy, providing a distinct perspective on your organization’s structure.

2. Olivia: #

Olivia template provides an alternative view, allowing you to visualize your network’s members and connections in a different style.

3. Derek: #

Derek template offers a visually distinct layout, making it suitable for those who prefer a unique visualization of their network.

4. Diva: #

Diva template is designed to offer a visually appealing and intuitive way to understand the relationships within your network.

5. Mila: #

Mila template presents your network’s hierarchy with a particular visual flair, offering a fresh perspective on your organization.

6. Polina: #

Polina template provides a visually engaging layout that aids in understanding the connections and relationships within your network.

7. Mery: #

Mery template is designed to provide a clear and structured view of your network’s structure and hierarchy.

8. Rony: #

Rony template offers an alternative approach to visualizing your network, providing a unique perspective.

9. Belinda: #

Belinda template is designed for users who prefer a distinct and visually appealing representation of their network.

10. Ula: #

Ula template presents your network’s structure with a specific visual style that sets it apart from other templates.

11. Ana: #

Ana template offers a different layout, providing an alternative way to view and analyze your network’s hierarchy.

Choosing and Activating a Template: #

To choose and activate a Graphical View Template of your preference, follow these steps:

1. Select a Template: #

Use the dropdown menu to choose one of the available templates. Review the template options and select the one that best suits your visualization needs.

2. Activation: #

Upon selecting a template, it will typically be activated by default. The chosen template’s design and layout will be applied to your network visualization.

3. User-Side View: #

After successful activation, the selected template view will be visible on the user side. You can now explore your network using the chosen template.

Graphical View Templates in our software offer a range of options to enhance your network visualization experience. Whether you prefer Luba, Olivia, Derek, Diva, Mila, Polina, Mery, Rony, Belinda, Ula, or Ana, these templates provide visually engaging and distinct layouts to suit your preferences. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently access, select, and activate Graphical View Templates, enhancing your ability to visualize and analyze your network structure effectively.

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