Event Management – Keeping Track of Important Occurrences #

Introduction: #

Events, being significant occurrences, require a system for efficient management. In this guide, we will explore the Event Management feature, which allows administrators to keep track of important events effortlessly.

Section 1: Accessing Event Management #
Step 1: Navigating to Event Management #

1. Access Event Management: Begin by locating and accessing the Event Management section within your admin dashboard. This dedicated area allows you to maintain a record of vital events.

Section 2: Adding and Viewing Events #
Step 1: Adding an Event #

1. Create a New Event: Events can be easily added by clicking on the “Add” button. Follow the prompts in the form to input event details, and then submit the information.

Step 2: Viewing Events #

1. List and Calendar Views: Events are accessible in both List View and Calendar View. These different perspectives provide you with flexibility in how you manage and access event information.

Step 3: Navigating Event Views #

1. Choose Your View: You can view events by week, month, or as a comprehensive list. Navigation through event listings is facilitated by forward and backward icons (“<” and “>”).

Section 3: Admin Actions #
Step 1: Managing Events #

1. Edit or Delete Events: Administrators can effortlessly add, edit, or delete events from the Event Management dashboard. In List View, you can use the action icons, such as “Edit” and “Delete,” to perform these actions as needed.

Event Management is an essential component of your administrative tasks. It provides a structured approach to keep track of important occurrences, ensuring that your organization remains organized and well-prepared for any significant events. Whether you need to add, edit, or delete events, the Event Management feature streamlines these processes for both administrators and users. This enhances your overall efficiency and event planning capabilities.

With events accessible in List View and Calendar View, as well as the ability to navigate through time periods, Event Management offers a versatile tool to manage important happenings effectively.

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