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Effortless Management of E-Products and Order History in the E-Store #

Introduction: #

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide detailed instructions on how to efficiently manage E-Products and access Order History within our software’s E-Store. This feature enables administrators to oversee E-Products and streamline the order history process. We will guide you through each step in a professional manner to ensure a clear and detailed understanding.

Section 1: Exploring E-Products #

Within the E-Store section, administrators can view and manage E-Products, both physical and digital. Here’s how to navigate this feature:

E-Products Overview: #
Purpose: #

To access and manage E-Products.

Procedure: #

1. Navigate to the E-Store section within our software.
2. In this section, you will find E-Products, including physical products sourced from platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify.
3. Admins can also add physical products directly from the Admin Back Office.

Adding Physical Products: #
Purpose: #

To add physical products to the E-Store.

Procedure: #

1. Before adding physical products, it’s essential to configure your store settings.
2. Once the store is configured, proceed to add products by providing details such as Title, Category, Content, Short Description, Regular Price, and uploading an image file from your computer.
3. Follow the prompts to complete the product addition process.

Benefits for Business: #
Purpose: #

Highlighting the effectiveness of this feature for business.

Explanation: #

Efficiently managing E-Products in the E-Store not only provides a convenient user shopping experience but also enhances the overall effectiveness of your business. It allows for easy product addition and seamless management, ultimately contributing to business growth.

Section 2: Accessing Order History #

Within the E-Store, administrators can also access order history details. Here’s how to do it:

Order History Overview: #
Purpose: #

To access and oversee order history.

Procedure: #

1. Navigate to the Order History section within the E-Store.
2. Here, you will find a comprehensive record of past orders, including details such as order date, product information, and customer details.

This comprehensive guide has outlined the process of efficiently managing E-Products and accessing order history within our software’s E-Store. By following the procedures outlined here, administrators can streamline product management and access valuable order history information. This feature is a valuable asset for businesses, contributing to an enhanced user shopping experience and overall business efficiency.

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