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E-Pin Management Guide for Admin #

Introduction: #

This guide will help you understand E-Pin management, a valuable tool for generating E-Pins or coupon codes to be used for package purchases or other transactions within your admin interface. E-Pins provide flexibility in rewarding customers with special privileges.

Section 1: Understanding E-Pins #
Step 1: Send E-Pins #

1. Access E-Pin Tool: In your admin back office, navigate to the E-Pin tool. Here, you can create and manage E-Pins.

2. Generate E-Pin/Coupon Code: Create E-Pins or coupon codes for specific packages or promotions. You can define the number, value, and type of E-Pins to be generated.

3. Specify Recipients: Choose which customers should receive the E-Pins. You can assign them to specific users or make them available to a broader audience.

4. Set Expiry Dates: Decide if the E-Pins have an expiration date. If so, specify the date until which they remain valid.

5. Send E-Pins: Dispatch the generated E-Pins to the selected recipients. They will receive these E-Pins along with instructions on how to use them.

Section 2: E-Pin Management #
Step 1: Managing E-Pins #

1. Access E-Pin Management: In the E-Pin tool, you can manage the existing E-Pins or coupon codes.

2. View E-Pins: See a list of all the E-Pins you’ve created. This includes details like the code, value, expiry date, and the user to whom it was assigned.

3. Edit E-Pins: If needed, you can modify E-Pins. For instance, you can extend the expiry date or change the assigned user.

4. Deactivate E-Pins: Deactivate an E-Pin to prevent further use. This might be necessary if the E-Pin has expired or was used by the recipient.

5. View Usage: Track how E-Pins have been used, including which customers redeemed them and for what transactions.

E-Pins offer a versatile way to reward your customers with special privileges, discounts, or promotions. This guide has shown you how to create and manage E-Pins using your admin back office. By utilizing E-Pins effectively, you can enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Ensure you monitor the usage and validity of E-Pins regularly to maintain an efficient E-Pin system.

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