Efficiently Managing Distributors #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Distributors section of our software, providing you with detailed insights into how to efficiently manage distributors who have enrolled in your organization. This section offers a wealth of information about your distributors, including their sponsor, contact details, plan, rank, and more. We will walk you through the various details available for each distributor and how to use the action icons to manage them effectively.

Managing Your Distributors: #

Let’s dive into the detailed process of managing distributors within the Distributors section:

1. Accessing the Distributors Section: #

To begin, access the Distributors section within your software. This section is typically located in the administrative or network management area.

2. Distributor Details: #

Within the Distributors section, you will find a comprehensive list of distributors who have enrolled in your organization. Each distributor’s profile includes a wealth of essential information, such as:

Sponsor: #

The distributor’s sponsor within the organization.
– Email: The distributor’s email address.
– First Name: The distributor’s first name.
– Last Name: The distributor’s last name.
– Address: The distributor’s address.
– Country: The distributor’s country of residence.
– State: The distributor’s state or province.
– City: The distributor’s city.
– Phone Number: The distributor’s contact phone number.
– Plan: The distributor’s current plan within the organization.
– Rank: The distributor’s rank.
– Date of Joining (DOJ): The date when the distributor joined the organization.
– Last Login-Date with Time: The distributor’s last login date and time.
– PV (Personal Volume): The distributor’s personal volume.
– GPV (Group Personal Volume): The distributor’s group personal volume.
– Status: The distributor’s current status.
– Account Status: The status of the distributor’s account.

3. Managing Distributors: #

To manage distributors effectively, you can utilize the “Action” icons provided for each distributor. These icons allow you to perform a variety of actions on individual distributors, including but not limited to:
Editing their profiles.
Adjusting their status.
Viewing detailed information.
Initiating specific actions related to their account.

The Distributors section of our software provides a comprehensive overview of the distributors who have joined your organization. With detailed information available for each distributor, you can efficiently manage your distributor network. By utilizing the provided action icons, you can take appropriate actions to oversee and maintain your distributor network effectively, ensuring the smooth operation of your organization.

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