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Navigating Comprehensive Dashboard Reports #

Introduction: #

In this detailed guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to access and utilize the Dashboard Reports feature within our software. These reports are exceptionally unique and significant, offering over 300+ dynamic reports that can be easily exported for your selected plan and date ranges. Additionally, we will explore various report categories, such as Plan Management, Genealogy, Sales, Autoship, and more, to help you harness the full power of our reporting capabilities.

Accessing Dashboard Reports: #

To access the Dashboard Reports and procure your desired comprehensive report, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Plan Management: #

Click on the “Dashboard Reports” option. This will take you to the Plan Management Page, the gateway to a wealth of insightful reports.

2. Choose Your Comprehensive Report: #

Within the Plan Management Page, you will find a variety of reports tailored to meet your specific needs. These reports are unique and offer significant insights into your data.

3. Exporting Reports: #

Once you have selected a report, you can effortlessly export it in your preferred format. These dynamic reports can be exported in various formats, providing you with flexibility in how you use and share your data.

4. Utilize Search Option: #

To enhance your reporting experience, make use of the available search option. This feature allows you to quickly find specific information within the reports, making data retrieval and analysis more efficient.

Navigating Back to Dashboard: #

Similar to the Business Intelligence (BI) Report, you can easily return to the dashboard by following these steps:

1. Click on the Logo: #

Located at the top-right corner of the screen, clicking on the logo will give you the option to return to the dashboard. This provides a quick and convenient way to switch between the dashboard and reports as needed.

Exported Report Details: #

Reports within the Plan Management – Genealogy category include the following details:

– Plan
– Plan Type
– Plan Description
– Width
– Depth
– Sponsor
– Registration Type
– Registration Fee
– Joining Commission
– Registration PV (Personal Volume)
– Direct Referral Commission
– Total Package
– Status
– Created On/Date

Furthermore, similar reports can be exported or generated for various other titles such as Sales, Autoship, Customers, Invoice, Bonus, Rank, Tax, Admin, Inventory, Logs, and Party. This extensive range of report categories allows you to dive deep into different aspects of your data for a comprehensive understanding.

In this guide, we’ve explored the rich world of Dashboard Reports within our software. With over 300+ dynamic reports at your fingertips and the ability to export them effortlessly, you have a powerful tool for data analysis and decision-making. Whether you’re interested in Plan Management, Genealogy, Sales, or other aspects of your business, these reports provide unique and significant insights. By utilizing the search option and the “Back to Dashboard” feature, you can navigate and leverage these reports effectively for a better understanding of your data.

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