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Navigating Classic View: A Comprehensive Guide to Network Genealogy Viewing #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Classic View mode within our software, providing detailed insights on how to effectively navigate and utilize this powerful feature. Classic View is one of the network or genealogy viewing modes that adapts to your specific business plan, offering a tailored experience. Whether you are working with a Binary plan or other plan types, Classic View allows you to visualize your network’s structure with precision. We will walk you through the process of accessing, understanding, and maximizing the benefits of Classic View, including the options for bottom left, bottom right, top tree, and search functionality.

Accessing Classic View: #

To access and make the most of Classic View, follow these steps:

1. Locate Classic View: #

Access the Classic View mode within your software, typically found in the network or genealogy viewing section. This is where you can explore and interact with the network hierarchy based on your chosen business plan.

Exploring Classic View Features: #

Classic View adapts to various business plans, such as Binary, providing a tailored view of your network structure. Let’s explore the key features and actions available within Classic View:

1. Binary Plan Specifics: #

Classic View adjusts its display based on your business plan. If you are working with a Binary plan, the view will include specific elements. These elements typically comprise the Bottom Left, Bottom Right, and Top Tree sections.

2. Bottom Left, Bottom Right, and Top Tree: #

Within the Binary plan Classic View, you will find these three sections. Clicking on each of them will display the corresponding members within the network. For instance, clicking on “Bottom Left” will show the members in that section of your network.

3. Search Functionality: #

To locate specific network members with ease, utilize the search option provided within Classic View. This tool is invaluable when you need to find a particular member within your network, enhancing your ability to navigate and focus on specific individuals.

4. Network Viewing Features: #

Classic View provides a set of viewing features that allow you to navigate and interact with your network effectively. These features may include actions for expanding or collapsing sections, displaying additional member details, and more.

Navigating Classic View within our software is made easy with these valuable features tailored to your business plan. Whether you are working with a Binary plan or another plan type, Classic View provides a precise and structured view of your network hierarchy. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently access, explore, and utilize Classic View, enhancing your ability to visualize and manage your network structure effectively.

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