Abandoned Distributors

Managing Abandoned Distributors: A Comprehensive Guide #

Introduction: #

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide detailed instructions on how to manage abandoned distributors within our software. This feature allows administrators to access and edit information related to abandoned distributors, ultimately aiding in maintaining an organized and efficient system. We will guide you through each step in a professional manner, ensuring a clear and detailed understanding.

Section 1: Viewing Abandoned Distributors #

Within this feature, administrators can view abandoned distributor details, including the distributor’s name, plan, email ID, and date & time of abandonment. Here’s how to access this information:

Purpose: #

Display details of abandoned distributors.

Procedure: #

1. Access the designated section within our software where abandoned distributor details are available.
2. Here, you will find a list of abandoned distributors along with their respective information, such as Name, Plan, Email ID, Date, and Time of abandonment.

Section 2: Deleting Abandoned Distributors #

Administrators have the ability to remove abandoned distributors from the record using the following steps:

Purpose: #

Delete the entire record of an abandoned distributor.

Procedure: #

1. Within the list of abandoned distributors, locate the distributor you wish to delete.
2. Identify the “Action” section, where you will find an “Edit” option represented by a Red Circle icon.
3. Click on this “Edit” option associated with the abandoned distributor you want to delete.
4. Confirm the deletion action when prompted.

This comprehensive guide has provided detailed and professional instructions for managing abandoned distributors within our software. By following the outlined procedures, administrators can efficiently view abandoned distributor details and delete records when necessary. This feature contributes to maintaining a well-organized and efficient system by allowing for the removal of obsolete distributor information.

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