Unveiling the Natura & Co Compensation Plan: Detailed Explanation and SWOT Analysis for Avon and The Body Shop

Natura & Co, the parent company of iconic brands like Avon and The Body Shop, offers robust compensation plans designed to reward and motivate their independent representatives and consultants. These plans provide multiple avenues for earning income, from direct sales and commissions to leadership bonuses and exclusive incentives. Whether you’re a seasoned representative or considering joining the ranks, understanding these compensation structures is crucial for maximizing your success.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the Natura & Co compensation plans, providing clear and detailed explanations of the various components and how they translate into earnings. We illustrate these concepts with practical examples, showing how different levels of activity can result in varying income levels. Additionally, we conduct a thorough SWOT analysis, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with these plans.

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive guide that not only explains how you can earn but also provides strategic insights to help you navigate and excel in the competitive world of direct selling. By leveraging the insights and examples provided, you can better position yourself to achieve financial success and personal growth within the Natura & Co family.

Natura & Co (Avon, The Body Shop) Compensation Plan Overview

Natura & Co, a global cosmetics group, owns several renowned brands including Avon and The Body Shop. Each of these brands operates its own unique compensation plan designed to reward their independent sales representatives and consultants. Here, we’ll provide an overview of the compensation structures for both Avon and The Body Shop under the Natura & Co umbrella.

Avon Compensation Plan

Avon’s compensation plan is designed to reward both sales performance and team building. Here are the primary components of the Avon compensation plan:

1. Retail Profit

Representatives buy Avon products at a discounted price and sell them at the full brochure price, earning the difference as profit.

Earnings Example: If a product is purchased at a 40% discount and sold at the full price of $50, the representative earns $20 (40% of $50).


Sales Levels: Representatives earn commissions based on their sales volume, which increases with higher sales tiers.

  • Tier 1 (0 – $149): 20% commission
  • Tier 2 ($150 – $299): 30% commission
  • Tier 3 ($300 – $499): 40% commission
  • Tier 4 ($500+): 50% commission

3. Leadership Bonuses

Team Building: Representatives can earn additional income by recruiting and mentoring new representatives.

Earnings: Leadership bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the sales generated by the team. For example, a leader might earn 3% of the total team sales.

4. Incentives and Rewards

Performance Incentives: Avon offers various performance-based incentives such as cash bonuses, trips, and other rewards for meeting specific sales and recruitment goals.

The Body Shop At Home Compensation Plan

The Body Shop At Home provides a flexible and rewarding compensation plan for its consultants. The plan focuses on retail profits and bonuses based on sales and team building.

1. Retail Profit

Consultants purchase products at a wholesale price (typically 25-30% off the retail price) and sell them at full retail price, keeping the difference as profit.

Earnings Example: If a product costs $15 at wholesale and is sold for $20 at retail, the consultant earns $5 per product sold.

2.Sales Bonuses

Monthly Sales Targets: Consultants can earn additional bonuses based on their monthly sales performance.

Example: A consultant might receive a 5% bonus for achieving $500 in sales in a month.

3. Team Building Bonuses

Recruitment Rewards: Consultants earn bonuses for recruiting new team members and helping them succeed.

Earnings: Similar to Avon, team building bonuses are a percentage of the sales generated by the consultant’s downline. For example, a consultant might earn 2-3% of their team’s total sales.

4. Incentives and Recognition

Awards and Trips: The Body Shop At Home offers various incentives such as recognition at events, awards, and exclusive trips for top performers.

Compensation Plan of Top Direct Selling Companies

Choosing a suitable compensation plan is key to a successful network marketing strategy. These are some of the popular compensation plans followed by the top MLM companies.

Examples of Earnings

Avon Example:

  • Sales Volume: $600
  • Commission Tier: 40%
  • Retail Profit: $600 x 40% = $240
  • Leadership Bonus: If the team sales are $2,000 and the leadership bonus is 3%, then: $2,000 x 3% = $60
  • Total Monthly Earnings: $240 (retail profit) + $60 (leadership bonus) = $300

The Body Shop At Home Example:

  • Sales Volume: $800
  • Retail Profit: Assuming a 25% profit margin, $800 x 25% = $200
  • Sales Bonus: If the sales bonus for $800 sales is 5%, then: $800 x 5% = $40
  • Team Building Bonus: If the team sales are $1,500 and the team building bonus is 3%, then: $1,500 x 3% = $45
  • Total Monthly Earnings: $200 (retail profit) + $40 (sales bonus) + $45 (team building bonus) = $285

Both Avon and The Body Shop under Natura & Co offer comprehensive compensation plans that reward sales performance and team building. Representatives and consultants can earn through retail profits, commissions, leadership bonuses, and various incentives. These structures provide significant income potential for those dedicated to building their business and supporting their teams.

SWOT Analysis of Natura & Co (Avon, The Body Shop) Compensation Plan


  1. Multiple Income Streams
    • Retail Profit: Provides immediate earnings from product sales.
    • Commissions and Bonuses: Incentives for higher sales and team building enhance overall earnings potential.
    • Incentives and Rewards: Performance-based incentives such as cash bonuses, trips, and other rewards motivate representatives.
  1. Flexibility
    • Part-time or Full-time: Representatives and consultants can work according to their own schedules, making it adaptable to various lifestyles.
  1. Support and Training
    • Comprehensive Training Programs: Both Avon and The Body Shop offer extensive training to help new representatives succeed.
    • Mentorship: Opportunities to learn from experienced leaders within the organization.

  2. Brand Recognition
    Established Brands: Both Avon and The Body Shop are well-known and trusted brands, which can make selling products easier and more appealing.


  1. Complexity
    • Understanding the Plan: The multiple components and varying percentages can be confusing, especially for newcomers.
    • Management: Keeping track of different bonuses, commissions, and qualifications requires careful monitoring and can be time-consuming.

  2. Initial Investment
    • Startup Costs: Initial costs for purchasing products and sales materials might be a barrier for some individuals.

  3. Dependence on Sales and Recruitment
    • Team Performance: A significant portion of earnings can depend on the performance of recruited team members, which can be unpredictable.

  4. Market Saturation
    • High Competition: In areas with many active representatives, finding new customers and recruits can be challenging.


  1. Growing Health and Beauty Market
    • Market Trends: Increasing consumer interest in health and beauty products offers a growing market for Avon and The Body Shop products.
    • Product Diversification: Continuously introducing new and innovative products can attract a broader customer base.

  2. Digital Sales Channels
    • Online Sales: Leveraging e-commerce and social media for sales can expand reach and increase convenience for both representatives and customers.
    • Virtual Training: Offering remote training and events can engage representatives globally, reducing geographic limitations.

  3. Expansion in Emerging Markets
    • New Markets: Expanding into emerging economies with growing middle classes presents significant opportunities for growth.

  4. Partnerships and Collaborations
    Strategic Alliances: Collaborations with influencers or other brands can enhance visibility and credibility.


  1. Regulatory Challenges
    • Legal Scrutiny: Direct selling companies often face regulatory challenges and scrutiny, which can impact operations.
    • Compliance Costs: Ensuring compliance with varying regulations in different regions can be costly and complex.

  2. Economic Downturns
    • Reduced Consumer Spending: Economic recessions can lead to decreased spending on non-essential products, affecting sales.
    • Financial Risks: Representatives may struggle to invest in their business during tough economic times.

  3. Reputation Management
    • Public Perception: Negative perceptions or misconceptions about direct selling can deter potential representatives and customers.
    • Competitor Actions: Aggressive marketing or legal actions by competitors can affect market position.

  4. Market Dynamics
    • Changing Preferences: Rapid changes in consumer preferences and trends can affect product sales.
    • Technological Disruption: Advances in technology or new business models can disrupt traditional direct selling methods.


The compensation plans of Avon and The Body Shop under Natura & Co offer a robust and multi-faceted structure that can provide substantial earnings for motivated representatives and consultants. The combination of retail profits, commissions, and leadership bonuses, coupled with attractive incentives, creates a compelling opportunity. However, the complexity of the plan, initial investment requirements, and dependence on team performance can pose challenges. Understanding these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can help representatives navigate their business strategies more effectively and maximize their potential in the dynamic direct selling industry.

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